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                MIAOZHENSOLUTIONSmore >>

                TRACKING & MEASUREMENT

                Independent 3rd party ad tracking with TA at its core; Cross-media conversion measurement with integrated data; Comprehensive operation analysis covering all platforms.



                Help companies build private DMP to accumulate data assets; Integrate consumer behavior data across devices to locate TA; Drive marketing with full process marketing automation tools.


                DATABASE & INSIGHTS

                Cross-media ad budget allocation & optimization based on big data; All-round social media tracking, insight, measurement & optimization; Marketing attribution analysis&research with integrated data.


                MIAOZHENNEWS & INSIGHTSmore >>

                Miaozhen System and Infocus Mekong Research (IFM) Relaunch in Vietnam
                Miaozhen System and Infocus Mekong Research (IFM) relaunch in Vietnam to bring trust and growth to digital advertising industry
                BSH Group Launches Its First-party DMP with Miaozhen Systems
                A kick-off meeting on the subject of “Big Data Enabled Consumer Insights and Growth” was conducted at BSH Home Appliance Group, at which BSH Home Appliance Group announced the launch of its first-party DMP (Data Management Platform) developed by Miaozhen
                Dec, 2017
                Miaozhen Invests in MaLogic
                Miaozhen Systems announced that it would take a stake in MaLogic, a tech-based consulting business firm.